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Welcome to our community web site!

St. Anselm's is a south-side Chicago parish, located just east of the Dan Ryan expressway in the Washington Park neighborhood. The parish was founded some 90 years ago as a primarily Irish-American church. The school building first served as both church and school, and the church building itself was constructed in 1924. Through the 1920's, Washington Park's population became African-American, and St. Anselm's became one of the earliest Black Catholic parishes in the city. The Divine Word Missionaries have staffed St. Anselm's since 1932.

The Washington Park neighborhood has experienced a tremendous loss of population over the past 20 years, and membership at St. Anselm's is now about 175 families. Although a small parish, St. Anselm's has many ministries and organizations serving the church and wider community - we are a busy little parish!

Our Sunday Mass is at 10:00 a.m. Come by and worship with us!

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*Tel. 773-493-59a59* Fx. 773-363-1887